Acapulco cuerpo y alma

Acapulco cuerpo y alma
David Montalvo is the sole heir of his father and a wealthy businessman in Acapulco. His success in personal and professional life arouses hatred and jealousy of Marcelo de Maris, the son of Elena, who is the second wife of the father of David and Cinthia. Lorraine lives in the beautiful Zihuanatejo. Marcelo gets her to fall in love with him and marries her, telling her that his name is David. Then, David kills in a helicopter crash, planning what would be the heir Lorena and then he can marry her again and keep it all. But David is not dead. He returns and meets Lorraine, in love with her. The rivalry between David and Marcelo continuous business, money and the heart of Lorraine in the beautiful setting of Acapulco. . .


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