Remedio Santo - episode 36

Remedio Santo (TV series 2011)
Episode #1.36
-Marta Melro - Amélia Tavares Cardoso
-Pedro Carvalho - Ângelo Ferreira
-Adriano Luz - Armando Ferreira
-Sara Barradas - Aurora do Rosário
-Carmen Santos - Brígida Coelho
-Jorge Corrula - Celso Tavares Cardoso
-Margarida Marinho - Violante Coelho Borges

Thirty years ago, Violante was scheduled to be married with the ambitious Daniel, unhappy with the poor life they had. Eager for social advancement, Daniel did not hesitate to change the poor and girlfriend expecting a child his millionaire by Eugenia Monforte. Eugenia and Violante were friends and the betrayal was the worst possible way. On the wedding day, Daniel ran away with Eugenia Violante leaving the altar.
Thirty years later, Violante is forced to return from Spain - where he lived and where he married for convenience - to Portugal. In return, accidentally kills her husband after discovering that he hid in a bastard life. Feeling cheated, Violante enter into open warfare with Armando Ferreira, the illegitimate son of her husband, with whom he has to play in the estate of the deceased, while Daniel finds the man who made her suffer more.
Driving this total upheaval in the life of Violante, is his daughter Helen, whose rebelliousness and recklessness have no limits. Helen is involved with Gonçalo Monforte, a son of the former boyfriend of the mother. As his father had done in the past, and this Gonçalo abandons Helena, mad with love, pretends she is pregnant and comes after him to Portugal, to force him to stay with her. But Gonçalo do not love or want to know her. Your heart will belong to Aurora, unaware that this is a woman forbidden to him and to all men, since it was erected to the status of holy practically since birth. Gonçalo Helena and Aurora will always among them, willing to make a living black who stands in their way to prevent your marriage with the boy.
In the village of Viseu and Mundão circulate picturesque types with whom the two 'Spanish' will be passing: Hortense, known as 'White Widow', having already dispatched three husbands, but have hope in the room; Evangelina, a bankrupt aristocrat, which uses a series of disguises to win money, the sisters Black Crutch - Police Maria, Maria Maria and the Gravedigger Coffins - always cope with life and death, from funeral 'Eternal Comfort "by the widow to the dances , divorced, single and married that badly organized in his house, the lame fake Renato, the greatest 'dots' of the region that takes advantage of a supposed failure to live at the expense of the woman, Sarah, who kills himself working for the family ; Pastor Angelo, whose flute have magical powers, causing a good feeling in the listener, until a mysterious figure dressed in black, hooded and armed with a stick which crosses the river on a raft at night, leaving the door cards of people to warn them that they will die the next day, that these deaths are realized.
Love, romance, humor, fantasy, hatreds, jealousies and betrayals, saints and demons, mixed in a mystical, almost magical atmosphere, where everyone tries a panacea for all their ills. Just only to find out ...


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