Cast and Characters "Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán"

Synopsis, Cast and Characters  "Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán"  ( "My heart ... on Lola insists Volcano" )
The soap opera "My heart ... on Lola insists Volcano" will hit U.S. screens next Monday, May 23, 2011. It is starring Jencarlos and Carmen Villalobos. Your time slot will be at 8:00 pm / 7 central, following the conclusion of "Aurora."

... The love that exists between 'Lola' (Carmen Villalobos) and 'Andrew' (Jencarlos) is so strong that does not support barriers. Excited about the idea of love forever, decided to face the family of 'Andrew', who opposes the relationship from the start, and run away to Vegas to get married in secret. But little imagined that this confrontation was going to cause the greatest misfortune in their lives.

'Lola', in an act of rebellion against her aunt 'Chavela' (Angelica Maria) and her mother 'Soledad' (Rossana San Juan), who also opposes the relationship, escapes one night and get a tattoo of a Salamander symbol of his love for 'Andrew', who since he met her called her 'my salamander'. Marcelo SantaCruz '(Gerardo Murguia), the father of' Andrew ', returns to the military school where he escaped by making sure that this time has the utmost vigilance. But if this were not enough, he plans a trap that leaves 'Lola' locked up in jail for over five years. There 'Lola' learn to survive by clinging to the strength that her aunt taught her 'Chavela' since I was a child and keep alive the hope of returning with 'Andrew', never dreaming what fate awaited him.
On leaving prison, 'Lola' is facing a series of fatalities that are a total back to its existence. Death of his aunt 'Chavela', her mother fell into a deep depression that compels her to be hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic and 'Andrew', the sole support of his remaining life is about to marry 'Deborah' (Ana Layevska), the eternal love of 'Andrew' and hates 'Lola' since they were girls. In desperation, feeling duped and without resources, 'Lola' decides to accept an offer of marriage from a family friend who serves as protector. 'Andres' insist on regaining the love of 'Lola', but it seems that this couple gets their paths never match, or you get separated at all. 'Lola' to spite rejects 'Andrew' and ends up marrying four times but none of their husbands will be neither adequate nor sustainable, as all die unexpectedly shortly after having given the other.
For 'Lola', 'Andrew' was his best friend, her first love, the only one who has given everything but their pride and determination to fend for itself, the push to fight against it at the bottom , tells her heart, turning this love into one that seems to be impossible. ... While this is the official cast ...
 Jencarlos is: "Andres Santacruz", the handsome
eternal love "Lola Volcano." 'Andrew' is capable of doing anything so as not to lose 'Lola'.
Carmen Villalobos
 Carmen Villalobos is "Lola Volcano," a woman of strength
and passion that burns.

Lino Martoni

Lino Martoni is: "Fulgencio Lopez," one of the allies
Rodrigo police.

Ruben Morales
Ruben Morales is "Ramon Noriega," father "Deborah"
and partner "Marcelo". As a lawyer, Ramon will always be second fiddle to Marcelo
and will follow your steps without any scruples.

Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres is: "Rodrigo Diaz," a senior police
who becomes the protector of 'Lola'. Love one of the "Volcano" but also has a secret child that no one knows.

Ana Layevska

Ana Layevska is: "Deborah Noriega," the relentless rival
of 'Lola' by the love of 'Andrew'.

Mauricio Henao
Mauricio Henao is: "Daniel Santacruz," the younger son of the family
constant and jealous of his brother, 'Andrew'. Feel that 'Andrew' will still all the attention.

Jeaneth Lehr

Jeaneth Lehr is "Etelvina" sister and eternal loveof "Diogenes Rugeles." His jealousy will make your life miserable "Lola Volcano."

Carlos Ferro

Carlos Ferro is: "Camilo Andrade", best friend
and accomplice 'Andres Santacruz'. Bet for the love of 'Andrew and Lola'.

Lianette Borrego

Lianette Borrego is "Veronica"
'best friend' Deborah '.

Nicolas Teran
Nicolas Teran will become part of the group
police to help "Rodrigo" in their work.

Alejandro Suarez

Alejandro Suarez is "Diogenes Rugeles" takes his obsession to the limit
in order to get the body of 'Lola'.

Roberto Huicochea
Roberto Huicochea is "Pepe Linares," the father of "Adelita"
and compadre "Chabela Volcano."

Elluz Peraza
Elluz Peraza is: "Laura," is an empty life next to her husband
and lost control of his family by his vices alcoholics.

Gerardo Murguia

Gerardo Murguia is: "Marcelo". It has no limits and make their businesses
never fail and status is not affected, forcing their children to go the way
he brand.

Paloma Marquez
Paloma Marquez is: "Adelita" is an outgoing woman, simple and sincere willaccompanying 'Lola' in all its steps, always as a support for her.

Rossana San Juan
Rossana San Juan is, "Soledad". He lost his sense of reality
and sets at home to avoid facing a world that did so much damage.

Katie Barberi
Katie Barberi is "Vicky". Managed to get a status it never had
and so, press the life of 'Deborah' to have what she never had.

Cynthia Olavarria
Cynthia Olavarria is: "Sofia." Try to be the friend who 'Andrés' never find
or his mother or his family. It's really his aunt and a psychiatrist by profession.


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