Characters and Actors of The Joe Legend (El Joe La Leyenda)

Characters and Actors of The Joe Legend (El Joe La Leyenda)
The characters and heroes of The Joe, the new production of RCN

Jair Romero is The Joe, "A Man Clay, But Very Bacano"

Since childhood, I knew I wanted to be a singer. He began his career singing on the coast, but discovers Fruko in a carnival of Barranquilla and takes it to the hilltops.
Then consolidated with his band 'The Truth'. It is a young man who is not afraid of living on the edge every moment of your life. Joe is handsome, spontaneous, flirtatious by nature, false and cunning in matters of love. Three women will make the heart: Adela, Luz Mary and the love of his loves: Jackeline. 

Born and raised in the upper class of Barranquilla. Daughter of Ramon Anibal businessman, owner of the label Caribbean.
He's not afraid to explore things that does not belong, has no prejudices to people, clothing, manner of speech or behavior of others. Although considered a lucky woman for what you have, is also aware that if not released and takes over your life, all these privileges can become a golden cage. When I met Joe, he discovers that his freedom and love are closer than I thought. 

Joe's first wife. They met when they were children playing. Her impulsive act and makes then think.
Always look for the attention of Joe awkwardly and it was the custom until the last day of their marriage. It's loud, confrontational, sometimes intransigent. This makes the addition of Joe who is elusive and often go around the bush. The instability of Joe gets on your nerves, reaching many times unable to control his need to be with him and what he feels for him. 

A stroke of Fruko sends you to the canvas. Hands fined almost the entire continent. Genius, paisa entrepreneurial specialist musician bass, inspiration and guidance of many.
In front of his subordinates shows a strong authority, entrepreneurial vision and an intense enviable strength of character, but in the privacy of the panic dies in front of his wife, whom he sees as a fierce and relentless as the judge of everything it does. Always have a paternal attitude and solidarity with members of the orchestra.

Fruko's wife and everyone in the orchestra, including her husband, are afraid for their strong character.
Her figure is stunning. Few believe that such beauty can be so brilliant and so hard to say, think and do things. She is the leader of the women members of the orchestra and is responsible for putting them all in place. The only one who handles it at will is the unforgettable Piper Pimienta.

Companion of the voices of Joe Fruko. At first experience rivalry, but realize that they are more alike than we think and become great friends.
It is the story of tenderness made man. He puts something in his head and becomes obsessed. Proof of this is Mary Agnes who becomes the love of her life after giving a glimmer of hope. 

'The Whimsical wants to own a love that does not belong'
Lives of the glories of a prestigious name, but does not really have much, why try to regain its status in any way possible. For that reason Jackeline intended to keep the money from his family and why not, with his love, which is a symbol of triumph. So is shown as a harmless sheep full of virtues, but in the end, is a wolf that does not stitch without thimble and that the slightest slip, is capable of betraying whom it serves. 

Second wife of Joe. She met him while he was married to Adela.
Is meticulous in the way of carrying your home and organized money. Think forward and becomes possessive of him because he fears losing the buildings. She radicalized their position away from their children and friends. It's much more reason than emotion, the opposite of Adela.

It's a cheerleader, girlfriend of an Argentine player, who always lives behind not knowing that Joe Wilson Manyoma is madly in love with her.
Is undecided and prefer to flee in fear lest they face situations. 

Keyboardist Fruko & its hilltops. Caballerazo of decency, cleanliness and office life, which often does not fit into a salsa band.
While everyone in the orchestra experience the wildness of fame, he keeps your precautions because the last quarter-hour lifetime. Smoking does not drink much, because he fears losing out of control and decency. The most daring Nancy does is to seduce, the gossip that pays the checks.

Child well-Barranquilla. Keyboard player who has the privilege of playing with his idol in the orchestra 'The Truth'. He becomes the friend of Joe's creative and his sidekick with women.
Chelito enters the world of the street, the people, the low area, with the purity of his soul but with the ingenuity of his heart. A thousand and one temptations so wrapped in this new world of tastiness.

She became the mother of Jacqueline since she was orphaned at the age of two years.
Tragedy makes you lose sense of reality and takes refuge in a new world of happiness and paradoxical but powerful rumba. 


It is a secondary radio broadcaster Francis in all his plans and makes the crooked.
Sold to the highest bidder for cash and is loyal to anything or anyone. Always living in the shadow of someone stronger than him to provide his services, but when you see someone and not leave it is useful or even kill it. Shown harmless but always has a plan to take advantage of situations.


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